4 Guidelines For The Best Blog

You may have thought about starting a blog but were not entirely sure on the rules that surround writing one. In reality there aren’t any rules, the blogging environment allows for anyone to start regularly writing about whatever they please with very little restraint. With this said there are still several unofficial rules to blogging that are worth sticking to, when utilised correctly these pointers can keep you out of trouble and help you garner a bigger and more permanent audience. Keep these in mind before you start putting your words onto digital pages, if you’ve started already you can always change things up beginning with your next post.

Restrain Yourself to A Theme

Unlike many other places on the internet your blog is your own soapbox where you can talk about whatever you like. Although this freedom sounds glorious, the incredible number of topics that you can comment and share your wisdom on can become overwhelming. This paradox of choice can become your downfall and can cause competent writers to have a blog that feels haphazard and wild. By finding a theme that fits you, even a broad one can make a big difference. This allows you to only daydream about topics which fit your blogs brand and it makes it easier to attract like-minded readers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

Sometimes the internet can be a scary place with fandom reaching explosive levels and social media allowing an avenue for people to publicly berate one another. Don’t let this deter you from giving your true opinion though. Your blog is the one place you should allow for your personality to come to the forefront, here the internet plays by your rules. If everyone sugar-coated their feelings for fear of backlash the world would not only be boring, but dishonest. Unleash your inner thoughts in your blog, if you really feel like you are going into dangerous territory just provide a little warning beforehand.

Only Borrow with Permission

We may have many answers, stories and pictures at our fingertips today but not everyone wants their stuff reused. Your blog should always be original, if someone else already has work out in the ether there is really no reason for you to repeat it. There are times however when you may wish to borrow a few words or celebrate something someone else has done. In these cases, you will need to get the permission of the user. In cases where you need to cite others make sure you make it clear to readers which content is yours and which is pulled from elsewhere, and don’t forget to credit the creators.

Keep to A Regular Schedule
Keep to A Regular Schedule

Keep to A Regular Schedule

This is a rule that seems to be consistent across all media. Whether you are putting out a newsletter or simply tweeting updates on your video game progression, a constant flow of information is required to keep your corner of the internet relevant. Scheduling is great for you too as it gives you a little goal to work towards and keeps you motivated to come up with more content on time, a skill that will be essential if you intend to write for a living.