5 Popular Online Careers

100 years ago, working from home was something only the most elite members of society could afford to do, you’d have to be a great inventor, author or painter to be able to sustain such a lifestyle. Luckily for us in the age of the internet there are almost endless opportunities that await us at the click of a button. Today more than ever people are empowering themselves by mastering their craft and selling the product of their skill set online. It’s something that takes effort, patience and a much different mindset but it can be done as you’ve probably seen time after time on social media. If you are eager to kick your job to the curb and become independent here are some of the most popular careers people are undertaking from home.

Artist/Graphic Designer

You’ve no doubt witnessed the perpetual stream of artistic talent that seems to be rapidly growing online. From character creators to background artists, logo designers and everything in between visuals have never looked better. What is fantastic about being an artist online is that there are already ready made communities established for you to jump into. Share your work and let it spread, once you’ve got an online store you can easily sell physical artwork or use social media to get commissions and work one project at a time.


Thanks to the very visually led platforms like Instagram, you might think that writing is absent. This really isn’t true, with many magazines moving to a digital format, writers of content are still very much in demand. Whether you want to work with a site that shares news content, interesting true stories or fiction, there are plenty of destinations out there that need your words.


Part of the great deal of writing work comes critical assessment; this can be for products of all types. Film critics have made a living from simply explaining the pros and cons of the movies they’ve seen, the same goes for games and books. Now the demand for consumer product reviews is sky high, think about the last thing you bought on Amazon, you probably gave the reviews a once over beforehand right? Get stuck into the things you enjoy and let people know, this is the foundation of being a critic.


It may not seem like it is a popular online job, but the new generation look to one place for guidance, the internet. Whether it is Youtube tutorials or Wikihow infographics, those in the know have taken to sharing their knowledge over and over again. If you have a field of expertise that doesn’t easily translate into something digital, creating tutorials could be your way of breaking into a work from home lifestyle.


The number one competitor to the radio show is the podcast. Prerecorded chats between friends, acquaintances or strangers have become hugely popular in the last few years, and despite the big titles having celebrity names attached many previously unknown folk have made a name for themselves by simply recording their conversations. Many people are surprised with how easy it is to get started, grab a mic, use your computer or phone even and start an interesting topic. You may not know but many success stories have begun this crudely.