Crowdfund Your Next Career Move

If you have a digital product that you can create on your own, whether that means you are a writer, an artist, a podcaster or a teacher, putting these things out into the world doesn’t exactly spell money. Freelancing is great for experience but without that one standout successful project on your CV, you aren’t going to wow any employers with a ‘work from home’ timeline that stretches out infinitely. Many of us dream of doing the thing we love for a living but the barrier is simply that, without getting hired by a larger company your bills just aren’t going to get paid. Luckily for creatives there is a new and very successful platform out here that has helped millions create much loved work, finalise projects, start a fanbase and even solidify a regular income. Crowdfunding isn’t just for the Zach Braff’s and James Franco’s of the world, but if high ranking (and of course high paid) creators are turning to it, why wouldn’t you. Here are some of the most well-known and successful crowdfunding platforms that can help you get the ball rolling.


One of the early and biggest names in the crowdfuning game, Indiegogo has a versatile and open way of sourcing funds for your project. With a global network of early adopters, you can quickly see if your idea has enough steam to go the long route and you can pick up some starter capital along the way if so. Here you start your project and set it to go meanwhile attracting people from all over to come and help raise money by linking your project to social media posts. For bigger companies there is also the option to offer revenues and even cryptocurrency as demand for your product begins to build.


A highly popular option that has successfully raised nearly $4 billion for projects ranging from independent board games to feature films. Kickstarter is really the big name in crowd funding today and its easy to see why. With an easy to understand format for your campaign and clearly recognisable goals it’s a great starting point for anyone new to the idea. As with indiegogo, tiered perks for backers make putting money in your hands seem rewarding to investors. The main difference here to keep in mind is the all or nothing time limit. If your project isn’t successfully backed within the time frame you give it, you don’t get the money. Though the countdown does create demand and urgency that usually helps rather than hinders.


This is a revolutionary idea that really is designed about making a successful career out of your abilities. Unlike the other sites that work around raising funds for a single one off project, Patreon helps you get paid monthly. Its easy to set up and get going and you are in full control of what content you release whether free or just for your backers or ‘Patrons’ in this case. Here the goal is to help you build a following of dedicated fans that will keep returning for more of your content which has led to artists and Youtube creators to form a fantastic living wage from the comfort of their home.