How to Write a Great Blog – Part 1

Working from home is becoming more and more popular all the time. Thanks to the internet and fast communication all over the world, many office-type jobs are now perfectly suited to being performed at home just as efficiently as from an office.

One such job is writing and in particular blog writing. The internet has given the opportunity for working remotely but it has also thrown up new jobs that need doing. As the internet has grown the need for websites and content for websites is now at epidemic proportions.

And as social media has taken advantage of fast communications, content, blogs and postings are all in high demand. This all leads to a growth in the area of blog writing, and good blog writers are in regular demand all across the globe. In this article we see what it takes to become a good blog writer and how to make a very good living doing so.

How to Create High Quality Blogs

Even though you may be a professional writer, writing blogs is an art form all of its own. You have to bear in mind SEO strategies together with marketing techniques as well as writing interesting and informative content. Most SEO marketing gurus will tell you that there is nothing as important to a website or a social media page than good content. Getting readers attention is your first job, but creating high quality content on a regular basis is the real skill so the readers come back time and again. There is a plethora of content on the internet so in this blog we will also address how to keep your blogs innovative and creative.

Practice Through Free-writing

Free-writing is simply putting your ideas, thoughts on paper without any consideration to grammar, structure, spelling or punctuation. The idea of this is to concentrate on an idea or theme and just rattle off anything that comes into your mind. This practice encourages you to throw away restrictions and to get ideas flowing, and hopefully find motivation for a blog post. Free-writing releases your mind, without the normal checks if the spelling or grammar is correct. All this affects your thought process and interrupts the creation of ideas. The best way of taking advantage of this exercise is to sit down and focus on something specific, don’t let anything distract you from your goal and just jot down ideas as they come to mind.

Take Notes

Always write down the ideas as they come to mind. How many times have you had a great thought and then just as quickly forgot about them again. Surround yourself with methods of recording your ideas, notepads dotted around the house, tablets and mobile phones easily accessible. Pens next to your bed, in the kitchen or even in the loo. It is highly important that you record every idea you have, at a later time you can filter and evaluate them for their worthiness and whether or not you will actually use them. In the second part of this blog we will see the benefits of brainstorming and making mind maps on the way to becoming a great blog writer.