How to Write a Great Blog – Part 3

The third and concluding part on how to write great blogs looks at other aspects of inspiration. In this part we see how working with other bloggers can help your writing and the benefits of using images with your blogs. Remember at all times the best blogs are the most original, it is of the utmost importance that your blog writing stays fresh, informative and creates debate. Rehashing somebody else’s writing will be lifeless and frankly a boring read.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Working from home being a blogger can be quite a lonely occupation, so you should seek out other bloggers. Find a couple of other bloggers that have the same interests you do and have brainstorming sessions with them. Use their thoughts in some of your own blogs but always give them credit. This way you will form a sort of community of bloggers, and this will expand your circle of readers. Your audience will grow as a consequence and thus making your blogging more valuable.

Use Images

Blogging is far different than say writing a book or an essay, it has to immediately capture the reader’s attention. The world of the internet is fast paced, and everything about the world wide web is instant. Therefore, a page that is just full of text does not jump out and startle the reader. You have to be creative, your text may be of great quality but if lazy readers are not drawn to actually reading it then you have lost the battle. Imagery and videos are proven to work very effectively as attention grabbers so people will stop and take the time to read your content.

Get Personal

Depending what your blog is about a great way of keeping a loyal a steady readership is to share some of your personal information. People love to have empathy with another person, it makes your blogs more real to the reader if you share parts of your life. A good way of doing this without disclosing your family secrets is to simply publish old photographs. If the photographs have relevance to your content then this is even more powerful. Try to motivate your readers to keep on coming back to your blog, perhaps they will engage with you and comment upon their life stories also.

Create Memes

Memes might seem trite, trivial and banal but they do work and very effectively. They help to add humor to your blog and again they should have relevance to your content. It cements a feeling of light heartedness within your writing which is really important. Your blogs do not have to be comical but they should always be fresh with a slight element of humor. Even serious topics can be delivered in a way that is not depressing, remember your readers are mostly looking for diversion, they all live in the real world and are looking for enjoyable debate to take their minds off work etc.

Blog writing can be really hard work but also immense fun, writing blogs for a living is now a genuine opportunity. But like all creative things it needs to be constantly nurtured to bring the best out, keep your writing fresh, informative and light hearted and you have the recipe for success.