The Benefits of Working from Home – Part 1

In today’s modern world with efficient communications and the internet it has been possible for many jobs to be able to be done remotely. This in essence means working from home and not having to attend an office during the week. Due to world-wide accessibility of the internet it is now possible to work for companies who are located the other side of the world. All you need is access to the internet and a computer, and of course hold the necessary skills that an employer would pay for.

Working remotely brings many associated benefits for both the employee and the employer, and in this blog, we look at some of them. If anything, the employer sees more benefit than the actual worker, although many traditional type companies see working from home a bit of a cheat and open to abuse, and not the true benefits entailed.

Monetary Benefits

An employer who farms out work to contract workers remotely often pays only for the set work that he has commissioned, rarely a remote employee will be on an hourly rate or contract. Thus an employer does not have pension, sickness or many other normal employee obligations. Plus, an employer does not have to provide an office space and expensive office equipment, such as a computer, desk, chair etc.

As for the employee there are also many monetary benefits, often there are beneficial tax implications from working from home, and many items that you can claim tax back on. The employee does not have to provide work clothes, travel expenses of going to an office every day, buy lunch from an expensive deli and all the other associated costs of going to work.

Perhaps the biggest monetary benefit is that the employee can pick and choose which contract work they choose and at what rates the work is being paid at. If the remuneration is not acceptable then the employee can simply pick another job that pays better.

Time Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is time. Time to work when you want to and time to complete a task. Most employers who contract out work do so not by hour but by task, in other words they will offer a set task and pay when that task is completed, this is known as contract work.

One huge benefit of this to the worker is that if they work efficiently then they can complete the task quicker, get paid faster and look for another assignment. It is often possible to have two or three assignments by different employers on the go at the same time, working at one in the morning and the other later in the day. Therefore, having more than one revenue source and spreading the income around, it is possible to make huge money working in this manner.

For the employers they get the benefit of getting exactly what they commissioned at a pre-agreed price. It is often human nature that if somebody is paid by the hour they do not work at their full potential all day and every day, and employers are often paying for their employees just to sit at a desk.

In part two of this blog we look at more associated benefits working remotely from an office.

Working remotely from an office.