The Jobs You Can Do Working at Home – Part 1

Working from home is becoming ever more popular as both sides of the equation, namely the employer and employee, realize that working remotely is a valid work option. Once employers had the mindset that if they could not see their employees working then they could not trust them. Contact work changed all that, and an employer only pays the worker when a set task or contract is fulfilled.

Certain jobs cannot be done at home, mostly these are of a manual nature, but for other types of roles it does not matter if you work from home or not. In this blog we look at the type of jobs that are suitable to the remote worker.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A very popular job for people working from home is a virtual assistant, many modern companies are farming out such roles to save on office space and it is ideal for anybody that can multitask.

As a virtual assistant you will be required to perform mundane office duties, such as managing calendars, replying to emails, entering data on a computer and perhaps assisting with Facebook and other social media. Normally a part time role it is ideal for busy homemakers and semi-retired people.

Assisting in Surveys

As a survey taker the role is mainly administrative, recording the results of an opinion poll for the likes of a product, or actually reviewing a product. People interested in such work will have to record their personal data with an agency, the sites will then contact the person directly who has the right demographic to complete a survey. These types of jobs are an ideal extra source of revenue for a remote worker as part of their job profile.


Writer, Blogger, Editor or Proofreader

These types of roles are extremely popular for remote workers as they don’t need regular communications and therefore can be undertaken absolutely anywhere. So many employers need the assistance of writers in some form or other.

Due to the computer age there are many digital marketing companies that desperately need professional content written on a regular basis, and on an ongoing basis in volume. This could be in the form of blogging or specialized SEO type content.To be able to do this type of work it is essential that you are an English-speaking native, possibly a teacher or with an English degree. You must also be able to work unsupervised and produce a high standard of work on a regular basis.

Data Entering

There are many companies that are outsourcing jobs for entering data, they can be in the area of research or simply data entry, translation or testing. It is ideal work for people that can maintain concentration and are good at typing. Obviously, workers need to be computer literate, but all outsourcing jobs need this requirement.This is the first batch of jobs that are available to people who wish to work from home, in part two of our blog we will be reviewing even more opportunities for workers who can no longer face the journey to work each morning and want to join the remote workers revolution.

Data Entering