The Jobs You Can Do Working at Home – Part 2

Continuing our investigation on what kind of jobs are possible to do at home, we venture once more into the world of the remote worker and see valid sources of income available from working from home. Our first occupation is that of an author, although this is a specialized field, there are many media companies that want ghostwriters for all manner of work.

Author, Ghostwriter

This type of role is only available to a select group of people that enjoy and are capable of writing. Normally such people are English language graduates, teachers and such like. Many authors make a substantial living by writing books and novels, but even more enjoy the benefits of writing regularly for magazines and getting a regular wage.

There are numerous firms that require the assistance of professional writers, these are often media type companies and pay very highly. There are also budding authors who require the assistance of ghostwriters to help them with their projects.

Travel writers are particularly in demand from magazines and online travel blogs, this is extremely lucrative if you happen to live in an interesting and exotic location and can write about the best places to visit, and tips for travellers.

Customer Services

Remote online customer service type roles are becoming more and more popular. Companies who wish to operate a 24-hour service line no longer wish to pay for expensive night workers. The alternative is to have somebody in a different time zone responding to customer queries.

After a brief training period these types of role are often permanent, it requires the employee to live in another location in the world that is different to the employing company. Normally the remote worker can handle simple inquiries online, or log the query or complaint and send it to the correct department of the parent company.



If you are able to speak more than one language, then working from home as a translator is a great opportunity. There are many translating type roles that are needed for remote workers. For instance, translating audio files or documents. Firms can access these employees without being constructed by geographical location.

Often these types of roles do not require fast and immediate response and therefore are quite laid back. The individual often has to understand not just the word translation but any cultural differences that may be involved.

Web Designer

Information and technology is a major employer of remote workers, and over 50% of home-based hiring is undertaken in this domain. Web Designers are a prime example of this, they are used to be given projects to work on by themselves. So, it does not matter if this is done in an office or remotely.

The remuneration for this type of work is extremely favourable, and good developers are in high demand. The bonus of web developing is that often the client often has more future work on the site to be undertaken, and the website is a source of continuous revenue.

Our third and final part of this exhaustive investigation to the best jobs to work from home include call centre representatives and teachers.

Web Designer