The Jobs You Can Do Working from Home – Part 3

The third and final part of our expose into the best jobs available for working from home explores the roles of teachers and travel agents. The opportunities available of working remotely have multiplied rapidly and a wide variety of opportunities are just a simple click away. There is also a growing number of qualified workers that are happy to forgo the work commute and make themselves available from home. Here are more of the popular roles that are available for workers at home.


The demand for online teachers is growing rapidly, the virtual teacher is now a valid option in the field of learning. This is a valuable and important option for remote students or for schools that require a specific type of teacher. With the development of high speed internet, the teacher student bond is easy to connect, and the two parties can work from afar. Obviously, the correct qualifications apply but there is plenty of money to be made teaching from home.

One recent development has been for English language teachers to simply have call time with advanced foreign English students, the talk is purely conversational and as such there is no actual teaching involved.

Travel Agent

Normally the traditional role of the high street Travel Shop, travel agents are now a familiar feature online. There are many online booking agents but operating a home-based agency is a serious option. It is estimated that there are at least fifty thousand home-based travel businesses that are not simply booking agents but offer experienced travel advice. These can be highly lucrative operations and need little or minimum capital, the most important factor is wealth of experience.

Email Marketer

Responsible for both designing advertising campaigns and managing subscriber lists, being an Email marketer is a great job to work at remotely. The idea is to obviously increase a client’s revenue by online marketing techniques. Normally to succeed in this type of role the person must have prior marketing experience with some familiarity of graphic and web design. These types of positions are quite often permanent but can also be part time.

Crowdsourcing Manager

Raising funds by crowdsourcing is an extremely popular way of funding new businesses, anything from movies to private inventions can be involved. Not only just first-time business opportunists turn to crowdsourcing sites. Many prominent companies go to these type of businesses, and the crowdsourcing companies need good managers to operate them. These professionals will have experience in marketing, sales, and social media and an aptitude how to raise money.

Working from home is now a valid and real alternative to going to an office and being employed by one company. For many years the ranks of remote workers around the world has been swelling. And in the days of energy conservation the less commuters that are burning energy getting to and from their place of work can only be a good thing.

Remote working benefits absolutely everybody, the employer, the employee and the environment. It stops a great waste of time both in travel and actual working hours. It is trend that will continue to grow due to its great success and wide acceptance from companies and workers all over the world.