The Signs that You Should Quit Your Job – Part 1

Some of us have faced tough decisions at work. The type when you know that something has to change and change quickly. Very often these situations can resolve themselves and you are able to continue in your chosen job; however, there are times when this just isn’t the case. When this occurs, it is perhaps time to move on to something else. In this blog we will look at some of the tell-tale signs that suggest you should be looking for a new employer.

Time Drags Everyday

We have all probably experienced employment when time absolutely flew by. Very often you were so busy that the clock looked like it was nuclear driven. Often this can be a sign that you are contented with the work that you are doing that you rarely look at the clock on the wall, or your watch of course. But, sometimes things aren’t like this.

Sometimes it can feel that every minute takes nearly an hour to go. Do find yourself “clock-watching” hoping that it will be time for a break, or better still lunchtime? If this is the case then it is likely that you can be classified as bored with your job. Of course, there are always going to be the odd day like this, but if this happens to be the norm then maybe it’s time to think about brushing up your resume.

You Are Stressed Everyday

Stress, unfortunately is part and parcel of modern living and the workplace is not exempt from it. However, there is only so much stress a person can handle before they “snap”.Ideally (we don’t live in an ideal world though!), you should try to deal with stress in a positive way so that it doesn’t do harm to your emotions or body. Again, this isn’t always easy as in some cases the stress may well seem unrelenting. Do you find yourself close to tears, or getting angry towards things that you really shouldn’t? If this happens on a regular basis then this is a surefire sign that you need to find a new job.

Not being able to handle stress in the workplace can lead you to being branded as unprofessional. This for many people is the tipping point and can lead to some form of emotional melt-down if you are not careful.

You Feel Pigeonholed

Sometimes you can become a victim of your own success at work. Often people aren’t allowed to develop as they might wish because they are very good at one or two tasks. Management don’t have the foresight to allow them to grow in their positions, maybe because they are worried that these tasks might not be carried out as well by others.Do you feel like you are the “go-to person” for a few tasks, but don’t get much variation in what you do? If this describes how you feel, then it might well be time to relocate to another place of work where you are more appreciated.

Stay tuned for part 2 when we uncover some other things that might well cause you to look for a new job.