The Signs That You Should Quit Your Job – Part 3

You have a right to be happy at work, after all you spend a huge amount of time there. But, sometimes for whatever reason this just isn’t the case and things don’t work out as you would like. In the first 2 parts of this blog post we took a closer look at several topics that should instigate a change in career.

As a quick recap we looked at, your boss acting indifferently, being bored, feeling angry towards the company or colleagues and feeling financially stressed. If you have had to work through any of the above then you’ll know how hard things can be, not just for you, but for others in the organization. Let’s dive in and uncover some more signs that you should be looking for a new employer.

Everyone in the Office Is Aware of a Conflict You Are Involved in

There is always going to be the time when you don’t see eye-to-eye with a co-worker. It’s perhaps a little naive to think you can get along with everyone, all of the time! Have you ever had an office spat or row that escalated into something entirely different?

When this occurs, it is likely that the office will become a little divided. Although things might well calm down over time, they nearly always get remembered at times of salary reviews. If you find yourself in a “war of words” with a colleague, then try to do your level best to act responsibly. Certainly, never resort to anything physical or what could be construed as harassment.The key take-away here is deal with the little fires that come along from time to time. But in the event of a full-scale blaze then be prepared to jump ship.

You Are Hearing Rumours of a Massive Company Restructure

You might have heard about some big budget cuts coming along or a downsizing of your company. Rumours are sometimes unfounded. But, nonetheless there is often no smoke without fire. Depending on your circumstances, a redundancy package could be a very good thing. Irrespective of this you should certainly make sure you are well-placed to act swiftly in the event of bad news coming your way.

You Struggle to Get to Work on Time

We all know that timekeeping is an important part of working for a business and we have all probably seen employees that consistently struggle to arrive when they should.

Attendance can also be factored in here as well as time-keeping. Do you find it really difficult to pull yourself out of bed in the morning? Do you dread the end of the weekend? Do you find yourself taking sick-days when you aren’t sick?

If the above applies, then this is a sure-fire sign that something is wrong in your career. There could be any number of reasons as to why you turn in late or take lots of sick days. If you haven’t just started watching late night movies, then something needs reviewing. In most cases the issues with getting to work on time are also linked to being bored or having trouble with co-workers.

The message that you are sending out on these occasions is that you want to be at work for less time than you should. Work can’t always be fun, but if you find yourself relating to these 3 blog posts then a fresh challenge could do you the world of good!