Where to Blog?

Deciding you want to use a blog as the backbone for your next career is a bold move, it isn’t as easy as some people have made it out to be, however if you are bursting with content it may not be the ‘struggle’ that some online claim it to be. Once you have a solid foundation for what you want to write about and you are good at getting your word count up to a suitable number consistently, the next hurdle is finding where exactly to put your content. Back in the days when the internet was in its early stages almost everything was text based, and so getting your words out there wasn’t so difficult. Today however we browse with our eyes in a much different way and many sites try to use as little text as possible, which is great for photographers or artists but not so fantastic for the writing crowd. There are some outlets here to help though so check them out and see which of these works best for you.


This isn’t going to work for everyone. Instagram is clearly a very picture heavy platform as it was designed with photography in mind. This could be good for you if whatever you are blogging about has lots of visuals to accompany it. If you take lots of photos yourself, you can use this platform as a visual diary, travel log or review outlet as many people have. Keep in mind that external links wont work here if you need them, so anything external won’t be useful for you here.


A much more blog friendly option, Tumblr caters to several crowds, though of course pictures still pull a lot of the traffic away from bloggers here. Like all social media establishing a Fanbase is key here before people will be reading on mass, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to it. Many of these platforms can be posted to simultaneously with apps so you can cover all your bases at once, though Tumblr does have a nicer homepage format for your blog than others.



As you may imagine something called blogger is likely to have a particular type of post in mind. This platform has been growing for years and still makes the top of the list when looking for places to post lots of content. Blogger has great customisation and has everything you would need to start a great blog. The main hurdle here is that even though it is a superior blogging platform it doesn’t get the traffic of the big sites like Instagram and its unlikely that others are familiar with the place unless they are bloggers themselves.

Your Own Site

To look entirely professional securing your own website and using it as a blog platform is the way to go. This however does come with some downsides, cost being the major one. All the previous options can be utilised for free whereas getting your site will require purchasing a domain and subscribing to a hosting platform is you aren’t versed in code. Places like Wix and Squarespace can make this easier for you. Using this method, you can easily push all your blog out to other platforms too and get some traffic to your site with ease.