Why Website?

The Perks of Having Your Own Corner of The Web

In the early days of the internet, back when it wasn’t a staple of human interaction, news and consumerism, there was the humble website. Though millennials may be familiar with the term today because they occasionally have to navigate to Amazon or Facebook without the help of an app, originally the net was flooded with websites. From blogs, picture albums to artist sites, everyone had a website for each purpose. Today social media has taken much of that away and the convenience of staying in one spot online often discourages folk from going elsewhere.

But the age of thee website is not dead. Though there may be fewer and fewer website warriors around it is still necessary for big brands to get a domain, smaller ones also benefit from this as it does look far more professional than sitting amongst your opinions on Twitter or family photos on Facebook. If you are unsure about setting up your own for your business, here are the benefits of having your own dedicated space online.


You probably know the woes of trying to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) if you have ever needed to push a product or brand before. Having a website can really help this especially if you manage to wrangle a straightforward domain. As a business it looks like you are one step ahead and as a consumer if I see’ your brand dot com’, I’m more likely to go directly there than anywhere else to find what I’m looking for.


You Control Content

In your house you control everything. This can be a little overwhelming for those just jumping into the website game, but website builders will help you keep on top of this. This is a real benefit because unlike social media, you aren’t in competition with anyone else here and you aren’t a slave to their enigmatic algorithms. As if this wasn’t enough your website allows you to pick the style and theme here, matching the tone of your brand is a great way to give people the right impression from the get-go.

One Stop

As mentioned before people are averse to effort, making a website means that people don’t have to go follow a rabbit hole of links to get the content from you that they want. If you do have other outlets you can display all your links clearly here but getting them to return here will benefit you more. If you do have products to sell, having an ecommerce option allows you to sell straight to consumers which makes things easier (and more personal) for them and more cost effective for you since the middlemen don’t need their cut.

One Stop


These can make or break some websites, but ads don’t have to be over the top intrusive pop ups. By having ads on your website, you can create a constant revenue stream that can really help your business day to day. Just a few images in the sidebars can be enough to make the website pay for itself, you can also offer feature spots to brands you support, friends or any other sites you are related to giving yourself free promotion with ease.